What Will It Be in 2023?

What Will It Be in 2023?

Episode Description:

Welcome to Season 3! I'm excited for a new season of Christian Emotional Recovery. This episode, What Will It Be in 2023? includes updates on Season Three of Christian Emotional Recovery--the podcast, Facebook group, and Youtube channel: 

  • When will the new season be out and what updates will the podcast include? 
  • What's new with the YouTube channel?
  • What topics are we covering this season?

These questions will be answered, plus I'll tell you what I've been up to, on this short, special episode of the podcast. Please see the link in shownotes for the Christian Emotional Survey. Please take five minutes to take the survey and help me better serve you in the coming season! Thanks. 

Breakdown of Episode

3:00 What We'll Cover in This Episode and What I've Been Doing
9:10 What's New with the Podcast
20:08 What's New with the YouTube Channel

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