Episode 9 Season 3: What's Childhood Emotional Neglect Got to Do With Abandonment Trauma?

Episode 9 Season 3: What's Childhood Emotional Neglect Got to Do With Abandonment Trauma?

The most downloaded episode in the history of the podcast has been Season 2, Episode 12: Childhood Emotional Neglect: A Hidden Epidemic, so there's a need to understand CEN further. What's Childhood Emotional Neglect Got to Do With Abandonment Trauma? discusses the impact of childhood emotional neglect (CEN) on survivors by exploring the connection between CEN and fear of abandonment. Seeing this connection can be the difference between a life of confusion, gaslighting, and bondage, and power, freedom, and clarity. We discuss the nature of CEN and how it is not always intentional or malicious, but it's nature is insidious because it's hidden. It's the most likely form of abuse to be denied, invalidated, and doubted since it is abuse by omission instead of commission. CEN can make us doubt our own reality. We discuss ways to know whether or not you're living with the impacts of CEN, cut through the mind fog, and find clarity and truth on this issue. Even though it's painful at first, the truth sets us free. By learning how you can contact, validate, and understand your hidden experience, you can use this revelation to heal the impacts of CEN, know what happened to you was real, and build healthy relationships that move beyond abandonment trauma.

1:18 Intro to Topic
5:47 The Nature of CEN and How It Leads to Abandonment Trauma
11:45 The Impact of Emotional Childhood Neglect on the Brain
15:47 Three Emotional Needs of Children
18:39 The Tricky and Evasive Nature of CEN
35:57 The Connection Between CEN and Abandonment Trauma
41:49 Ways to Overcome CEN and Abandonment Trauma


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