Episode 7 Season 4: Coming out of the F.O.G.

Episode 7 Season 4: Coming out of the F.O.G.

Episode Description
In Coming out of the F.O.G., we discuss the acronym, Fear, Obligation, and Guilt, which creates the acronym F.O.G. Much like the word "fog," emotional manipulators will often use fear, obligation, and guilt to confuse and control people, particularly those who are sensitive, compassionate, empathetic, and may be prone to codependency. This can make sensitive Christians especially vulnerable, since they tend have a strong level of conscientiousness. Manipulators like to use tactics that will make others question themselves and their motives, often using gaslighting to keep the other person off balance. Though we are called by God to help others, it's important we examine our motives. If others are exploiting our good will with guilt to get us to do things, this is not from God. Knowing the strategies that emotional blackmailers use will help you to identify their tactics, respond constructively, protect yourself, and get your life back, so you can live the life God intended you to live. You can be free of these tactics and help others knowing your motives come from genuine love and care for others. 

Breakdown of Episode
1:17 Intro
4:28 Intro to Coming out of the F.O.G.
9:16 What is F.O.G.
21:31 What F.O.G. and Emotional Manipulation Look Like
36:03 How Christians, Empaths, and Codependents Can Be Vulnerable 
42:48 Ways to Respond to F.O.G. and Emotional Blackmail 


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