Episode 7 Season 3: The Power of Gratitude in Emotional Recovery

Episode 7 Season 3: The Power of Gratitude in Emotional Recovery

A lot of trauma survivors have been told that they "should just be grateful," as if they can flip a switch, turn off trauma in the body, and suddenly feel grateful. Gratitude for a survivor is more complex than that. We can be grateful, but it needs to be in a way that works with our nervous system, realistic for where we're at, and a natural choice, not forced. We do this by being gentle with ourselves, practicing self-compassion, and acknowledging honestly where we're at. This episode discusses the benefits of gratitude, how it can help heal trauma, and realistic ways you can practice gratitude or at least be one step closer to gratitude through self-compassion. Doing the best you can is enough. God knows you're doing your best. As we learn to cultivate real gratitude, we're able to see God more in our situation, practice concrete gratitude that heals trauma, and see benefits of gratitude manifest in our lives. 

Episode Resources:
Here's a coupon for almost 1/2 off my gratitude course "Ignite Your Abundance Through the Power of Gratitude", which can help you cultivate concrete practices of gratitude to heal trauma and live a better life.


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