Episode 6 Season 3: Inner Child Work: Reparenting Yourself, Reclaiming Your Childhood

Episode 6 Season 3: Inner Child Work: Reparenting Yourself, Reclaiming Your Childhood

Breakdown of Episode
 0:00 Intro 
5:16 What Is Inner Child Work and How Can It Help Me?
15:14 The Nature of Inner Child Work
22:28 My Experience With Inner Child Work
6:10 Reparenting Yourself and Allowing God to Reparent Us
34:00 Signs Inner Child Work May Help You
36:12 Inner Child Work Exercises for Healing

Episode Resources:
Inner Child Healing: 35 Practical Tools for Growing Beyond Your Past by Jeremy Sutton in Positive Psychology is one of the articles consulted.
What Is Inner Child Work: A Guide to Healing Your Inner Child by Tiffany Trieu in Mind Body Green 
Why Is Everyone Working on Their Inner Child? in Time by Angela Haupt
10 Exercises to heal Your Inner Child in Psych Central by Traci Pederson 
Reparenting to Heal the Wounded Inner Child and Healing Trauma Through Inner Child Work by Shirley Davis from the CPTSD Foundation
Encouraging Bible Versus About God Our Father is a list of scriptures in Jolly Notes

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