Episode 5 Season 3: The Four Trauma Responses and How to Heal Them

Episode 5 Season 3: The Four Trauma Responses and How to Heal Them

Episode Description: 

In The Four Trauma Responses and How to Heal Them we discuss the four major ways our bodies respond to trauma. Fight, flight, freeze, and fawn are the main ways people who've experienced trauma respond to extreme stress and traumatic situations. Everyone has these responses to some degree, and they are healthy in certain situations. Fight, flight, freeze, and fawn serve a purpose in protecting us in stressful or dangerous situations, but if we have sustained experiences in these states, we can stay stuck in these states, because the nervous system gets overstimulated by stress and trauma. By understanding the four responses to trauma and which ones you might be more prone tone, you can begin to identify how you respond to trauma and take action to become aware of, work on, and overcome your responses from the ground up. The key here is partly changing behavior, and the other key is to find out what your response is, where it comes from, and heal it at the root. 

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