Episode 2 Season 3: How Internal Family Systems Can Help You Heal Trauma

Episode 2 Season 3: How Internal Family Systems Can Help You Heal Trauma

Episode Description: 

How Internal Family Systems Can Help You Heal Trauma describes a therapy called IFS for short, what IFS is, how it can help you heal trauma and difficult emotions, and how you can use this therapy for your own healing journey with a therapist or on your own. We learn about how IFS is broken down into parts and self, how these parts and self interact based on your past experiences, and how you can relate to these parts and self to help you heal emotionally. By learning how your mind works through this process, you have a way go inside the roots of your thoughts, emotions, and trauma and understand how they function. With this understanding, you can relate to yourself and parts with more compassion, deal with past experiences with more awareness, and build an identity that is strong, more integrated, and healthy, so you can live the life God made you to live. 


These articles introduce you to the concept of IFS, how IFS was created, and how it work in a therapeutic setting.

In this YouTube, Richard Schwartz explains in his own words how IFS works and describes parts and self.

These articles were used in the podcast to break down how IFS works in more detail--including the parts and self, the 8 C's, 5 P's, and 6 F'-- and how you can use these to manage different types of parts and distinguish self from parts.

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