Episode 17 Season 3: Don't Make Trauma Your Whole Identity
Trauma Survivors Unite: Christian Emotional RecoveryNovember 27, 2023x
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Episode 17 Season 3: Don't Make Trauma Your Whole Identity

Episode Description

Don't Make Trauma Your Whole Identity, discusses how trauma survivors have their entire brains rewired when they experience trauma. As a result, when we become aware of what has happened to us and start our healing journey, it can be challenging not to make trauma our entire identity. It's easy to get into a loop of overidentifying with trauma and what has happened to us, to the point we can get stuck. This isn't our fault, but we can do something about it. By separating our core identity with what happened to us, and by rewriting our identity, we can start to move past the trauma and not get stuck in this loop. No doubt, trauma impacts our identity, how we think, and how we live day to day, including how our "default mode network," or the part of our brain involved in identity, operates. However, how we relate to trauma, think about it, and work toward recovery can help us build a strong identity outside of our trauma. Additionally, knowing who we are in Christ and what God says about our identity helps us build a strong core self, so we can build a healthy identity separate and free from our trauma. 

Breakdown of Episode
1:17 Info About Podcast
5:16 How Trauma Can Become Our Entire Identity
13:54 What is Identity? 
16:37 Rewriting Your Identity
28:14 What Is the Default Mode Network? 
33:47 How Does Trauma Impact Identity?
41:40 How We Think About Trauma to Move on From It
46:46 What Does God Say About Healing our Identity? 


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