Episode 1 Season 4: Staying on the Healing Path

Episode 1 Season 4: Staying on the Healing Path

Episode Description

Welcome to a new season. Staying on the Healing Path starts the new season by sharing with you tips to help you stay on the healing journey. We often think of the healing journey as linear, but it tends to have ebbs, flows, and cycles, even though we move forward overall if we stay on the path. This episode discusses the nature of the healing journey, how the natural progression of healing is three steps forward and two steps back, and how we can approach the healing path with the right mindset. Then the podcast discusses how to deal with inevitable interruptions of our healing practice by discussing how we should approach setbacks, slacking, and obstacles on the journey and our daily practice, as they are a natural part of the path. Lastly, we discuss how to customize your daily practice to your unique nature, needs, situation, and changing experience to help you take the journey with a healthy, constructive, and realistic approach to taking a step toward the healing God can give you every day. We just need to show up.

 Breakdown of Episode
1:17 Intro to New Episode and Season
4:54 The Nature of the Healing Journey
7:01 Natural Challenges, Ebbs, and Shifts on the Healing Path
12:00 Dealing with Interruptions on the Healing Journey
16:42 What Is the Best Daily Practice for You?
25:18 Future Episodes of the Podcast 

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