What's New in Season 2: Updates on Episodes and Patreon

What's New in Season 2: Updates on Episodes and Patreon

Episode Description:

I'm excited for a new season of Christian Emotional Recovery. This episode, What's New in Season 2: Updates on Episodes and Patreon gives you a teaser of the first two episodes in Season 2 of Christian Emotional Recovery and when they'll drop. This short episode also gives you opportunities to get more involved in the platform, get exclusives, and support the podcast and thus, other trauma survivors like you, or those you love who may be trauma survivors through Patreon. 

Two new episodes will arrive April 11 (and then every two weeks after that), or you can get the episodes exclusively on Patreon today for $5/mo subscription. You will also get ALL episodes a week early and a shoutout by name in an upcoming episode! Regardless, the regular podcast will always remain free.

Breakdown of Episode: 

1:17 Intro and Teaser of First Two Season 2 Episodes, a Two-Part Series 

3:44 What is Patreon? How Can I Get Exclusives and Support the Podcast? 

4:46 What Kind of Exclusive Stuff Can I Get By Subscribing on Patreon? 

8:00 How Can I Support the Podcast on Patreon? 

LINK TO PATREON--CLICK LINK HERE! https://www.patreon.com/christianemotionalrecovery?fan_landing=true

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