Season 2 Episode 19: Tips for Cultivating Peace During the Holidays
Trauma Survivors Unite: Christian Emotional RecoveryDecember 12, 2022x
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Season 2 Episode 19: Tips for Cultivating Peace During the Holidays

Tips for Cultivating Peace During the Holidays

In this episode, we discuss updates to the podcast and YouTube channel at the end of the year and in the new year. We also discussion strategies for cultivating peace, coping with stress, and dealing with difficult people and loneliness during the holidays. In this episode, we'll discuss the following:

  • Surviving holiday get togethers with unhealthy family
  • Coping with the sadness of having unhealthy family
  • Coping with the loneliness of no contact
  • Coping with the loneliness of missing family
  • Coping with holiday stress brought by more responsibility
  • Coping with the general challenges the holidays bring
  • Keeping your peace during the holidays 

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