Episode 9: Learning What We've Come Here to Learn: The Attitude and Science of Learning

Episode 9: Learning What We've Come Here to Learn: The Attitude and Science of Learning

Episode Description:

Learning What We've Come Here to Learn: The Attitude and Science of Learning discusses how recovery and reconditioning from trauma are skills that can be learned. This episode explains how the most important step in successful and lasting healing is willingness and surrender to the healing and learning processes, how these are biblical concepts, and that these are the attitude of successful learning. This episode provides resources and evidence on how surrendering and willingness to learn will help you succeed in your healing. 

 The episode also explains the science of learning, how learning how to learn is the root of successful healing, and how simple learning strategies will increase and sustain your healing. By combining the attitude and science of learning, you can move forward daily in your healing and recovery process. 

 Breakdown of Episode: 
2:25 Introduction to the Topic
6:45 The Attitude of Learning
26:50 Resources to Help You Get Started
27:35 The Science of Learning

 Bulleted List of Resources

Scriptures on Learning and Wisdom
This is a list of scriptures about learning, wisdom, and willingness to grow and be teachable that can guide and encourage you in your healing and learning journey. 

"Surrender in the Process of Recovery," Freedom Institute
Link is no longer there, my apologies.
Do a Google search on surrender in the process of healing and/or recovery and you will find dozens of great tools and articles to guide you in this concept. This article discussed the benefits and reasons to surrender as part of the process to recovery.

"How to Study Effectively, According to Science" by Emma Fazzino University of Melbourne
This article gives several measurable and actionable strategies to absorb and retain learning. While this article applies to the academic, the same principles apply to recovery learning.

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