Episode 8 Season 2: Series on Narcissistic Abuse: The Impact of Narcissistic Abuse on our Relationship With Others

Episode 8 Season 2: Series on Narcissistic Abuse: The Impact of Narcissistic Abuse on our Relationship With Others

Episode Description:
The Impact of Narcissistic Abuse on Our Relationship With Others is part of the Series on Narcissistic Abuse. It discusses how being raised in adverse childhood conditions or by narcissistic types can impact our mental health and programming and make us codependent. This episode then describes what codependency is, the traits of codependency, how this impacts relationships, and how it is possible to heal from codependency. 

 Someone with codependent traits is more likely to attract relationships with narcissists and unhealthy individuals. Additionally, survivors of narcissistic abuse can also project unhealed past abuse onto healthy relationships. However, by learning the red flags of abusive relationships, healing codependent traits, and taking more honest self-evaluation, we can heal from narcissistic abuse and pursue and cultivate the healthy, loving relationships God intended us to have.

Breakdown of Episode
 0:00 Introduction to the Episode and Topic
4:52 The Impacts of Narcissistic Abuse in Childhood
24:09 Codependency
30:12 How Codependency Can Increase the Chances of Attracting Narcissists
43:08 How We Can Project Our Past Into Loving Relationships
59:40 Ways to Heal

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