Episode 8: Flip the Script of Your Life: Personal Narratives and Learned Optimism

Episode 8: Flip the Script of Your Life: Personal Narratives and Learned Optimism

Episode Description:

Flip the Script of Your Life: Personal Narratives and Learned Optimism discusses what personal narratives and life scripts are and how they play constantly in our lives to create our realities. If you've experienced trauma and you've tried to change your thoughts constantly without success, it isn't your fault. 

However, it is possible to flip the script of your life by using a backdoor approach through kinder self-talk and learned optimism, which can help you change your personal narratives and scripts through a gentler, subtler, and more sustainable approach to healing than ways that may not have worked in the past. We discuss strategies that will work for people with trauma. 

Breakdown of Episode: 
1:15 Introduction to the Topic
3:25 What is the Script of Your Life? 
16:36 Flipping the Script and Finding a Backdoor Approach to Healing
20:29 Strategies to Flip the Script and Change the Narrative of Your Life
32:55 Cultivated Optimism as a Backdoor Approach to Healing

Bulleted List of Resources
"Let God Flip the Script of Your Life" by Robert Norwood, Coastal Courier
This source discusses what a script it and how, while we can't change everything, with God's help, we have the power to allow God to flip the script of our lives.

"You Gotta Be" by Des'ree
Des'ree - You Gotta Be ('99 Mix) [Video]
This song is a great reminder that more is in our control than we realize.

"Flip the Script: How the Stories You Tell Yourself Define Your Life" by Moon Benchekroun
This article discusses how our self-talk creates the script of our lives, and how changing our personal stories over time can change our lives.

Learned Optimism by Martin Seligman
This book includes scientifically backed techniques for gradually overcoming "learned helplessness" and replace it with "learned optimism" as a practice that can be cultivated.

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