Episode 7: Narcissistic Abuse and Its Impact: What Does It Mean to Me?

Episode 7: Narcissistic Abuse and Its Impact: What Does It Mean to Me?

Narcissistic Abuse and Its Impact: What Does It Mean to Me? explains what narcissism is, what a narcissistic is, and what the traits of a narcissistic are. We discuss how it plays out in relationships and impacts those that are survivors of narcissistic abuse. 

This episode addresses ways narcissists abuse others, how to spot a narcissist, and how abuse can distort and damage survivors' relationships and views of God. We then discuss resources that can help you get started on your healing journey from narcissistic abuse. 

Breakdown of Episode: 
5:21 What is Narcissism?
6:54 What are the Traits of a Narcissist?
14:37 What is Narcissistic Abuse?
30:14 How to Spot and Deal with a Narcissist
45:59 Levels of Narcissism
49:06 Resources to Help You Heal

*Wikipedia: "Narcissism"
This source breaks down the traits of narcissism and how narcissistic relationships impact the survivors.
*Psychology Today: "How to Spot Narcissistic Abuse"
This article helps you spot a narcissism, identify abusive behaviors, and protect yourself in interactions with the narcissist.
*Healing from Hidden Abuse by Shannon Thomas
This book helps people to identify hidden forms of abuse and clarifies why many who have been abused by narcissists don't even know they've been abused. It helps you figure out if this might be you.
*Out of the Fog by Dana Morningstar
This book discusses how abusers use the triad of fear, obligation, and guilt to manipulate their victims, how to spot these signs, and how to protect yourself from the abuser's tactics.
*Boundaries by Henry Cloud and John Townsend
This book shows you from a Christian per

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