Episode 6: Adverse Childhood Circumstances: The Impact on the Child Brain and What You can Do About it Now

Episode 6: Adverse Childhood Circumstances: The Impact on the Child Brain and What You can Do About it Now

Episode Description:
This episode explains the how adverse childhood circumstances and childhood trauma can change a child's brain. It also discusses how those impacts affect a child psychologically, physically, and symptomatically. There are psychological, health, and genetic impacts on an adult who has these brain changes.

This episode then discusses why if you have experienced brain changes from adverse childhood circumstances, based on emergent research, you're not alone, there is hope, you can still heal, and you can still live a happy, productive life. Please excuse the sounds of my friends in the background (my cat rattling and a chirping bird). 

Breakdown of Episode: 
0:00 Introduction to Topic
3:57 Cause: How Adverse Childhood Circumstances Cause Trauma 
12:35 Impacts: Changes in the Brain and Other Impacts
20:29 Effects: Other Changes in the Brain
45:27 Strategies and Modalities That Can Help You heal

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