Episode 5 Season 2: Mindfulness: Emotional Recovery That Sticks

Episode 5 Season 2: Mindfulness: Emotional Recovery That Sticks

Episode Description:

Mindfulness: Emotional Recovery That Sticks introduces you to the concept of mindfulness, the benefits of mindfulness, and how mindfulness can help heal trauma. Mindfulness is simply coming back to the present moment and into our bodies, but the practice is so much more. This episode covers specific exercises and mindsets you can use to practice mindfulness, and how you can practice Christian mindfulness with the presence of God to help you come back to the present moment, since trauma can so often take us away from it. The episode shows the science behind how mindfulness can help you heal trauma, gives you ways you can practice mindfulness in your daily life, and clarifies how to slowly add this practice to your life to safely use it as a method for healing trauma, abuse, and difficult emotions. 

Breakdown of Episode
 0:00 Introduction to the Topic
3:21 Breakdown of Episode
5:45 What Is Mindfulness?
12:05 The General Benefits of Mindfulness: How It Can Help You
19:49 What is Christian Mindfulness?
35:50 How Mindfulness Helps Heal Trauma
45:04 Some of the Best Resources on Mindfulness

Bulleted List of Resources

  • What Is Mindfulness by Elizabeth Scott, PhD at Very Well Mind defines mindfulness, how it's practiced, different types of mindfulness, conditions that mindfulness can help, and cautions to consider when starting a mindfulness practice. (If any link doesn't work, Google the title and website). 
  • Benefits of Mindfulness by Kendra Cherry discusses the benefits of mindfulness on mental illness, emotions, and physical health, as well as various areas of life, while also including some cautions on the practice. 
  • Christian Mindfulness Resources is a great website that includes resources on mindfulness from a Christian perspective. Do you own research. There are many like this. 
  • 7 Christian Mindfulness Exercises to See God in Daily Life by Sarah from Calming Grace gives seven concrete ways to practice mindfulness from a Christian perspective. 

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