Episode 4 Season 2: God Will Heal Your Trauma and Emotional Abuse

Episode 4 Season 2: God Will Heal Your Trauma and Emotional Abuse

Episode Description:
God Will Heal Your Trauma and Emotional Abuse is a Youtube video I did a few years ago with the same name. I encouraged people that they can heal, God will heal them, and God's radical love is the source of all healing, including any trauma or difficult emotional issues you may be facing. This episode discusses attitudes that can re-traumatize you, how to avoid these, and how being deeply rooted Christ's radical love and grace keeps you safe and heals you, along with doing the right kind of healing work. This episode offers a word of encouragement and a reminder of why we do the healing work, that God's love it radical and his grace is scandalous, and that God will heal your trauma and emotional abuse. 

Breakdown of Episode
1:17 Introduction
6:16 How Well-Meaning Religious Communities Can Re-traumatize Folks 
10:34 Core Feelings of Unworthiness and Setting the Record Straight on These 
15:35 Being Deeply Rooted in Christ's Radical Love and Grace
28:05 Two Philosophies That Can Re-traumatize You and Why These Are Not the Truth
39:00 Why God Takes Us Down and Deeper When We're Healing Before He Takes Us Back Up

Bulleted List of Resources: 

Mark 15 Parables of the lost coin, lost sheep, and prodigal son.

Psalm 119 God's protection for those He loves.

Other Resources:

  • The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning, a Franciscan priest, is a book about God's radical grace and love for us, and how he preferred the company of outliers.
  • What's So Amazing About Grace by Philip Yancey is a book about God's radical grace and how it works in our lives.
  • The Story of the Chinese Bamboo Women's Network Blog, is about how long it took the Chinese bamboo to grow, and how this time and the depth in which is was planted was part of the plan to allow it to grow into a mighty bamboo.
  • God Will Heal Your Trauma and Emotional Abuse is the original Youtube video I recorded a few years ago. I expanded on this talk for the podcast to give you a word of encouragement and keep you on the path of healing. New exclusive videos are coming soon, so please subscribe to

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