Episode 3 Season 2: How the Science of Learning Can Maximize Healing of Trauma and Difficult Emotions

Episode 3 Season 2: How the Science of Learning Can Maximize Healing of Trauma and Difficult Emotions

Episode Description:

Many people think that the science of learning can only be applied to school learning, but there is extensive research that certain strategies greatly enhance learning more than others and that trauma can be healed and the brain rewired. By combining these two tried and true concepts, this episode takes you through specific learning strategies that will help you get more out of your healing work, and it includes specific practices applying the methods that are best for learning.

How the Science of Learning Can Maximize Healing of Trauma and Difficult Emotions shows you how you can harness the science of learning to improve your chances of healing difficult emotions and trauma. This episode teaches you what the science of learning is, what the best research-based methods are for increasing what you get out of healing practices, and how you can transfer these practices to your healing work. If you apply these strategies, you can increase retention of what you learn about healing, apply it to your life, and sustain healing long-term to live the life God meant you to live.

Breakdown of Episode:
1:18 Introduction
8:05 What is the Science of Learning?
17:35 What Are the Best Methods of Learning That Stick With You?
40:27 How Can You Use the Science of Learning to Evaluate Your Own Learning in the Recovery Process?
45:37 Three Concrete Practices That Will Maximize Results in Your Recovery Practice

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