Episode 21: Practices to Heal Trauma Series-Part 1: Traditional Practices to Heal Trauma
Trauma Survivors Unite: Christian Emotional RecoveryNovember 08, 2021x
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Episode 21: Practices to Heal Trauma Series-Part 1: Traditional Practices to Heal Trauma

Episode Description
Practices to Heal Trauma Series-Part 1: Traditional Practices to Heal Trauma discusses what kinds of therapies work the most effectively to heal trauma. This episode acts as an intro to the series, breaking down the types of practices we'll discuss, and breaking down how each practice will be presented in the next 4 episodes.

The episode covers five traditional Christian practices that can contribute to healing trauma when practiced on a regular basis: Scripture, Devotionals, Teachings and Sermons, Prayers, and Praise and Worship.

Each modality is broken down by what is the practice, disclaimers (if any) about the practice, how the practice works and how to do it, evidence of its impact and healing in trauma, recommended resources, and strategies from my experience. In the next four episodes, these practices are broken down in a way to help you decide, pray, and discern which practices you might use to help you heal trauma. 

Breakdown of Episode: 
2:10 Intro to Topic
3:57 Breakdown of this Four-Part Series
7:56 Intro to Traditional Practices to Heal Trauma
14:08 Practice 1: Scripture
23:16 Practice 2: Devotionals
29:57 Practice 3: Teachings and Sermons
46:10 Practice 4: Prayer
57:52 Practice 5: Praise and Worship

Bulleted List of Resources

  • "What Does the Bible Say About PTSD?" in Got Questions? 


  • "What Does the Bible Say About Recovering from PTSD?" by September Grace in 412TEENS.ORG


  • "Q&A: We Need a Christ-Centered Theology of Trauma" by Morgan Lee in Christianity Today


  • Psalm 91 is a power scripture for helping you deal with fear, anxiety, and trauma, and it affirms God's protection, healing, comfort, and deliverance in our lives.

  • House of Healing Ministries is a ministry that focuses on healing trauma. https://jimandpatbanks.com/
  • Trauma Prayer by Jim and Pat Banks (House of Healing Ministries)

Trauma Prayer-Jim Banks

  • "Why Wounded and Betrayed Believers Are So Useful To God" sermon by Graham Cooke


  • Parable of the Sower Matthew 13:1-23, Mark 4:1-20, Luke 8:4-15

  • "This is Your Brain on Prayer and Meditation" by Nicole Spector 


  • "Prayer May Reshape Your Brain . . . And Your Reality" by Barbara Bradley Hagerty


  • "Centering Prayer and Trauma" by Father Thomas Keating


  • Check out Scripture Memory Songs on Youtube