Episode 19: Codependency

Episode 19: Codependency

Episode Description:
Codependency discusses what codependency is, how it impacts the individual, and how it impacts relationships. It also discusses the symptoms and causes of codependency. In Christian life, codependency and Christian love are often confused, but there are not the same thing. Many people are even raised by well-meaning Christian parents that confuse the two. This podcast differentiates between the two. 

Additionally, this podcast clarifies how codependency can impact our relationship with God, how childhood trauma can impact codependency, and tools to help you target the symptoms and root causes of codependency so you can live a life of freedom and love. 

Breakdown of Episode: 
2:25 Intro to Codependency 
7:04 What is Codependency Causes and Symptoms of Codependency
29:25 What is the Difference Between Codependency and Loving Your Neighbor?
39:45 How Codependency Impacts Our Relationship with God
42:18 What's the Connection Between Childhood Trauma and Codependency?
46:06 Tools to Help You Overcome Codependency and How do You Heal the Root Causes of Codependency

Bulleted List of Resources

  • "What Is Codependency?" originally found at Psych Central (article was taken down), so I've included the same article by the same author, Darlene Lancer, found on her website.
    This article discusses what codependency is, how it impacts the person, how it impacts relationships, and behaviors that indicate codependency. 
  • Boundaries by Henry Cloud and John Townsend
    This book is written from a Christian perspective and gives you detailed, scriptural, and practical advice on applying boundaries in different areas of your life, which is one of the most important parts of healing codependency. It also helps you differentiate between codependent behavior and Christian love/loving your neighbor.
  • "Trauma and Codependency" by Darlene Lancer was originally found on PsychCentral and since has been removed, so I've included a link from her website.
    This article discusses how traumatic experiences in childhood can program a child to be codependent. If you experienced sustained abuse, neglect, specific traumatic events, or Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) in your formative years, this can often wire your mind to be codependent, but codependency can be healed. 
  • Codependent No More by Melanie Beatty
    While not in the podcast, any discussion on codependency resources must include Melanie Beatty's work, which is a classic book in the field of codependency and considered the most influential book on overcoming codependency. 

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