Episode 18: Why We Need a More Integrative Approach to Trauma in Our Theology
Trauma Survivors Unite: Christian Emotional RecoverySeptember 27, 2021x
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Episode 18: Why We Need a More Integrative Approach to Trauma in Our Theology

Episode Description:
Why We Need a More Integrative Approach to Trauma in Our Theology discusses how theology, churches, and Christian teachings often fail to address trauma properly. We can see how the realities of trauma have been integrated into literature, art, history, and music as ways to express and heal trauma. However, while not all theology does this, some theology dismisses trauma or claims that you can heal through traditional modalities alone, and if you don't, it's your fault and you're not trying hard enough. 

If you've been told this, this can be re-traumatizing, and it simply isn't true. Witnessing and validating trauma is a more realistic approach to dealing with trauma. By having a more integrative approach to our faith and theology, including the realities of trauma into our practices, integrating our healing practice in with our faith and theology, and acknowledging how trauma works in conjunction with our faith, we can take a more integrative and holistic approach to trauma that allows our relationship with Christ to heal us and change our lives. 

Breakdown of Episode: 
1:18 Intro to Topic 
3:47 Why You Can't Simplify Trauma and Put It in a Box
9:46 Why It's Important We Integrate the Complexity of Trauma into Our Approach to Theology and Scripture
17:57 Why an Integrative and Holistic Approach to Trauma in Your Life and in Our Theology is the Answer to Healing Trauma

Bulleted List of Resources

  • "How Christian Theology and Practice Are Being Shaped by Trauma Studies" in Christian Century, by Sheila Rambo
    This article discusses how trauma is integrated into our culture, art, literature, and history in many rich ways to help those who've experienced move through it and heal. However, theology doesn't always address the realities of trauma and integrating the realities of what has happened into human life. Our theology doesn't always address the complex and messy nature of trauma. By addressing the realities of trauma in our theology and using a more integrating approach to heal trauma, we can make progress toward individual and cultural healing of trauma. 


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