Episode 18 Season 2: Ten Ways to Set Healthy Boundaries

Episode 18 Season 2: Ten Ways to Set Healthy Boundaries

Episode Description: 

This episode was adapted from a recent Youtube video. Check out and subscribe to the Youtube channel linked below for more talks like this one not found in the podcast. This talk discusses what healthy boundaries are and what they are not. In the first half, we discuss what a boundary is using Henry Cloud's metaphor of property lines and why setting healthy boundaries is not only okay, but healthy. Setting boundaries is not selfish. You must set healthy boundaries to be a functional human being and to build loving relationships. We also discuss ways setting boundaries helps us obey God and consider others' needs. In order to set good boundaries, you need to understand the value of your own agency, autonomy, and individuality. Through this episode, we discuss who we might set boundaries with, reasons we don't set boundaries, differences between people with healthy boundaries and those without good boundaries, and ten specific strategies to set healthy boundaries. This video will help you learn to take care of yourself and love who God made you to be.


10 Ways to Build and Preserve Better Boundaries in Psych Central by Shannon Martin, LCSW is an article I reference in the video that discusses what boundaries are, why they are necessary, why we are afraid to set boundaries, strategies to set them, and specific scenarios that give examples of healthy boundary setting. 

Boundaries: When to Say YES and When to Say NO to Take Control of Your Life by Henry Cloud and Peter Townsend was mentioned as a recommended book to go more into detail with setting healthy boundaries in different situations and with different people.

How to Set Bound

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