Episode 16: No Mo' FOMO

Episode 16: No Mo' FOMO

Episode Description:
No Mo' FOMO discusses the psychological phenomenon that we all experience called "FOMO," or "Fear of Missing Out." Those who have experienced childhood trauma, narcissistic abuse, and other forms of trauma often feel they've been robbed of life experiences, safety, and joy, and this can lead to an urgency and fear of missing out on experiences or accomplishments. We all experience this to some degree, but some experience it more than others. 

The podcast discusses different types of FOMO, strategies for dealing with it, and strategies to get past FOMO such as coming back into the present moment, not judging yourself, and being mindful, when it feels like it will overwhelm you. Then we discuss the differences between unhealthy and healthy FOMO and how God can use FOMO to motivate and speak to you at certain times. 

Breakdown of Episode: 
1:16 Intro to the Topic
2:10 What is FOMO, and How Does It Impact Those Who've Experienced Trauma?
5:14 Where Does FOMO Come From?
16:48 Examples of FOMO and Ways to Deal with It
27:44 What's the Difference Between Productive FOMO and Destructive FOMO, and How God Can Use FOMO for Good 

Bulleted List of Resources

  • "FOMO" or "Fear of Missing Out" Wikipedia
    This article explains that "FOMO refers to the apprehension that one is either not in the know or missing out on information, events, experiences, or decisions that could make one's life better." Learning what FOMO is and how is connects to trauma and stressors can help us to deal with it.

  • What's the Psychology Behind Fear of Missing Out? by Quora Contributor and Anita Sanz
    This article discusses the origins of FOMO and how FOMO is based on an ancient fear, triggered particularly social media, where we needed to know what was going on for survival reasons. Not knowing what was going on in the environment could cause death, so we still have this residual survival instinct. Now, we find new ways to deal with FOMO to help our mental health.

  • Tips to Get over FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out by Aarti Gupta, ADAA
    This article discusses how the "Highlight Reel" gives us an unrealistic view on social media of others' lives that are curated and not real life. It also discusses how these highlights in others' lives aren't realistic. She includes coping skills to help us have a more realistic view of situations by not comparing our worst traits and experiences with others' best experiences, which is neither fair not realistic.

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