Episode 15: The Power of Repetition: Experiencing God's Love to Break the Trauma Cycle

Episode 15: The Power of Repetition: Experiencing God's Love to Break the Trauma Cycle

Episode Description: 
The Power of Repetition: Experiencing God's Love to Break the Trauma Cycle discusses the psychological roots of impacted childhood development usually based on when a child doesn't get bonding, safety, or nurture, or they are abused, these stages get interrupted. Children may not be able to self-regulate and have hyperarousal, and this can create a pattern of trauma response. This is the process that can start a trauma cycle from childhood into adulthood, impacting development.

However, there is hope. With powerful and repetitive connection to God as a base for safety and love through concrete practices, this cycle can be interrupted. These processes such as praise and worship, prayer, meditation, building a bond with God, and having God as a safe base will help interrupt these patterns, replacing trauma patterns with God's love and safety in His presence. Doing these repetitively and persistently can heal this trauma response and calm the soul in the long run. 

Breakdown of Episode: 
3:13 Intro to the Topic
5:09 The Nature of the Trauma Cycle
16:03 How a Relationship With God Can Help Us With Our Trauma by Filling the Void
23:04 How to Cultivate God's Presence and Healing Through Repetition and Reinforcement

 Bulleted List of Resources

  • The Compulsion to Repeat Trauma: Reenactment, Revictimization, and Masochism by Bessel A. van der Kolk
    This article discusses how if we don't get the bonds we need, don't have a safe childhood, or have caregivers help us regulate our emotions we can experience trauma that can create hyperarousal in the brain that can cause a feedback loop that cause repeat patterns. 

  • Erik Erikson's Stages of Psychosocial Development by Kendra Cherry
    This article was mentioned in the podcast and it describes the various stages of psychosocial development that each child should undergo. If traumatic events occur or needing bonding and safety do not occur, the development through these stages can be impacted and cause create trauma. 

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