Episode 15: Season 2: Somatic Practices for Healing Trauma Part I: Practices You Can Do on Your Own is Part I

Episode 15: Season 2: Somatic Practices for Healing Trauma Part I: Practices You Can Do on Your Own is Part I

Episode Description:

Somatic Practices for Healing Trauma Part I: Practices You Can Do on Your Own is Part I of a two-part series on somatic therapies for healing trauma. Somatic therapy is based on more recent research and generally more effective than talk therapy for healing trauma. It's basically another name for body work (AKA Somatic Experiencing®), or connecting with the body's sensations and resources to heal trauma stuck in the body so it can release through your neural network. This two-part series covers practices you can do on your own or with a professional. Part I discusses how somatic therapy works, explains five somatic practices you can do to heal trauma, and includes resources that can help you dig further into these practices. Part II will cover practices you can do with a professional.

Breakdown of Episode
3:18 Introduction to the Series, Episode, and Topic
6:55 What Is Somatic Therapy?
12:14 How Can It Help Me Heal Trauma and Why Is It Effective?
18:08 Can I Do Somatic Practices on My Own?
21:53 Intro to Five Somatic Practices
23:29 Body Sensation Awareness Through Body Scan
30:41 Grounding and Centering
41:29 Resourcing and Visualization
45:58 Self-Regulation
54:29 Titration and Pendulation

Bulleted List of Resources

  • 4 Somatic Therapy Exercises for Healing Trauma in Psych Central by Susan Aybar discusses what somatic therapy is, whether you should do it on your own, and four somatic practices you can use to heal trauma. 
  • 10 Somatic Interventions Explained in Integrative Psychotherapy by Esther Goldstein describes ten somatic interventions in detail that you can use to help you heal trauma. 
  • How Somatic Experiencing Can Help You Process Trauma in Healthline by Crystal Raypole explains how somatic therapy can help you heal trauma and physical symptoms of trauma, as well as what some important somatic practices are you can do.
  • Somatic Experiencing Therapy: Ten Exercises and Examples by Daniela Rimerez-Duran PhD in Positive Psychology goes the most in depth of all the articles here, and it includes a more detailed breakdown of Somatic Experiencing® practices, focusing especially on Peter Levine's work. It links to a lot of good videos, books, and tools. 

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