Episode 14: What Is an HSP?

Episode 14: What Is an HSP?

What Is an HSP? explains what a Highly Sensitive Person is, whether or not you may be one, and the science behind being one. The episode describes how HSP's relate to the world, and it discusses how you can support yourself if you're an HSP, or how you can support someone if you love someone who is. The episode also clarifies the gifts and vulnerabilities of being an HSP, in terms of how they relate to the world.

We then discuss how being a Christian and an HSP allows you to contribute to the world in unique ways, and why the highly sensitive are often misunderstood. The podcast covers how a chaotic childhood or childhood trauma can uniquely impact an HSP, as well as ways to heal if this was your experience. God can take what was meant for your harm and use it for your good.
Breakdown of Episode: 
1:42 What Is an HSP?
5:09 Breakdown of Episode and the Science Behind HSP's
11:59 Gifts and Vulnerabilities of HSP's
19:38 How to Support HSP's You Love and Yourself If You Are One
24:46 What Does It Mean Being an HSP as a Christian?
28:37 How Does Trauma or a Chaotic Trauma Impact an HSP?
36:54 How God Can Take What Was Meant for Your Harm and Use it for Your Good

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