Episode 14 Season 2: What to Do When the Past Comes Calling
Trauma Survivors Unite: Christian Emotional RecoverySeptember 26, 2022x
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Episode 14 Season 2: What to Do When the Past Comes Calling

Episode Description:
What to Do When The Past Comes Calling discusses what to do when old unhealthy habits, addictions, sins, and people who have contributed to trauma in your past show up unexpectedly and cause fear, PTSD, and temptation to fall into old patterns. While each of these are distinct experiences, they are also similar in that there is a temptation to go back into conditioned patterns, addictive behaviors, and trauma based thinking from your past that can throw you back into bondage. You have every right to leave this old life behind. This episode gives you strategies, techniques, and encouragement to stay strong, stay the course, not return to old chains, and live the overcoming life God intended you to have. 

Breakdown of Episode
3:18 Introduction to the Episode and Topic
5:07 Conflict and Cortisol Addictions
7:24 Chemical Addiction and Getting to Its Root Source
12:45 Sin, Guilt, Shame, Repentance, and Healing 
17:43 When an Unhealthy Person From Your Past Contacts You

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