Episode 13 Season 2: Ten Ways to Avoid Retraumatizing Yourself When Trying to Heal
Trauma Survivors Unite: Christian Emotional RecoverySeptember 12, 2022x
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Episode 13 Season 2: Ten Ways to Avoid Retraumatizing Yourself When Trying to Heal

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Video Description:
Trauma Recovery is tricky work, and it's easy in everyday life and when we're doing healing work with a therapist or on our own to unintentionally retraumatize ourselves through no fault of our own. Knowing what works and doesn't work is vital to trauma recovery. Most people don't understand the nature of trauma recovery, and even many well-meaning experts can cause more harm than good when trying to help you. Often, we don't even know that certain events, healing strategies, or circumstances can retraumatize us. This video discusses ten specific ways we inadvertently become retraumatized and then ten solutions to avoid retraumatizing ourselves when doing healing work. We go into detail about why retraumatization happens in these situations and specific techniques that will help you move forward with healing work, while protecting yourself from further trauma. With the right education and tools, you CAN move forward instead of backward in your recovery journey and achieve Healing That Sticks! 

A.C.O.R.N Meditation I've linked the playlist to all four versions here. I mentioned this meditation in 18:30 of the video as one way to begin to see the difference between your initial trauma and layering more trauma, and it will help you with the other nine strategies as well.
How Not to Get Retraumatized by Trauma Therapy in Gateway Counseling by John Hawkins, Jr., M.S., L.M.H.C., M.C.A.P.
Are You Retraumatizing Yourself? 16 Self-Defeating Behaviors Common in Childhood PTSD by the Crappy Childhood Fairy--This is a video.
PTSD Treatment and Why You Might Stay in It for So Long by Roland Bal
Complex PTSD Treatment and Can You Fully Recover by Roland Bal

While I didn't refer to these sources individually in the video, these are the sources that gave me ideas, along with my own, for the list, credited here. The above articles are also great resources that will give you more context on the ten strategies and further ways to avoid being retraumatized. I mentioned Roland Bal in the video, and how his meditations have helped me. These aren't free meditations, but they are helpful. I've linked Roland Bal's webpage and meditation videos below.

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