Episode 13: Comparison and Feeling Invisible

Episode 13: Comparison and Feeling Invisible

Episode Description:
Comparison and Feeling Invisible discusses how many of us, particularly those of us who've experienced trauma and mental health challenges, feel invisible, and this episodes offers encouragement and healing strategies if you've experienced invisibility or felt insignificant. I also share personal experiences and discuss how we've all had these moments in our lives, making these experiences relatable.

You can take all your comparisons, jealousies, and envies to God with complete honesty and vulnerability without fear of condemnation or judgement. God will accept you just as you are and heal you with His deep love. This episode discusses your worth in Christ. He would have died for you alone. This episode then shares strategies that can help you heal comparison, invisibility, and feelings of insignificance. For more information on the A.C.O.R.N technique, please see Podcast Episode 11: A.C.O.R.N: A Tool to Process Difficult Emotions.

Breakdown of Episode: 
0:00 Intro to the Topic and Encouragement if You've Felt Invisible Your Whole Life
6:34 I Know What It Feels Like to Feel Invisible and Insignificant
9:39 Christ Would Have Died for You Alone, So You Are Not Insignificant
14:50 Bring Your Vulnerabilities Completely Honestly Before God

 A bulleted list of resources for each week's episode will be included, but no specific outside resources were mentioned here. 

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