Episode 12 Season 2: Childhood Emotional Neglect: A Hidden Epidemic

Episode 12 Season 2: Childhood Emotional Neglect: A Hidden Epidemic

Episode Description:

Childhood Emotional Neglect: A Hidden Epidemic illuminates the often hidden and confusing nature of childhood emotional neglect, also called CEN. If you feel like something is wrong with you, but can't put your finger on it, there is a possibility it could be childhood emotional neglect. Because of the hidden nature of childhood emotional neglect, many people go their entire lives unhealed of trauma that isn't their fault. 

This episode discusses what childhood emotional neglect is, how it impacts survivors, why we often don't believe we've experienced this ourselves, how we can overcome this disbelief if there is strong evidence we survived childhood emotional neglect, and how we can overcome and heal from this silent epidemic. 

Breakdown of Episode
4:16 What is Childhood Emotional Neglect?
14:18 How Childhood Emotional Neglect Happens and Its Impacts
27:09 How CEN and Abandonment Trauma Are Connected
32:46 Why is Childhood Emotional Neglect Downplayed?
36:15 How to Deal with the Nature of CEN and Overcome It

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