Episode 1: What's Wrong With Me and Why Can't I Heal?

Episode 1: What's Wrong With Me and Why Can't I Heal?

Episode Description:

What is Wrong With Me and Why Can't I Heal explains why there is NOTHING wrong with you and that you CAN heal, even if you didn't think you could in the past. If you've experienced childhood trauma, childhood emotional abuse, or childhood emotional neglect, then you probably have trauma stuck in your body. 

The nature of trauma requires a unique form of emotional healing that targets trauma on the level of the body and brain using cutting edge science and body work. This podcast will show you how to heal at the root of the source, even if you haven't been able to in the past. 

If you experienced any of the three mentioned above, it's NOT your fault. It is up to you to do the healing work to find peace, healing, and breakthrough. It may seem in your previous experience that healing happens to someone else, not you. I had long given up on healing completely when I learned about the nature of my trauma, and that is when I started to heal, after decades of trying to heal and only making a little progress. But healing does happen! It happened to me, and I'll help you find healing. With Christ as our anchor, all things are possible!

This episode addresses these issues, introduces you to this podcast, and provides free resources to help you get started or continue on your healing journey. 

Breakdown of Episode: 

Episode 1 discusses general topics, so I won't include a breakdown of this episode. A breakdown of future episode with timestamps will be provided.

A bulleted list of resources for each week's episode will be included, but no specific outside resources were mentioned here. 

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