Episode 3 Season 1: Twelve Steps Recovery and How it Can Help You Heal Trauma and Abuse

Episode 3 Season 1: Twelve Steps Recovery and How it Can Help You Heal Trauma and Abuse

Welcome back! Twelve Steps Recovery and How it Can Help You Heal Trauma and Abuse is the first episode of the new season. Most people are familiar with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and how it helps those recovering from alcohol misuse, but many people don't know there are programs for other forms of recovery. We'll discuss what twelve-step programs are, how they can help those not only in addiction recovery, but in emotional recovery as well. 

There is a direct link between addiction and trauma, and many addictions have traumatic and psychological roots. Trauma and codependency recovery programs have their roots in original twelve-step programs like AA. We'll discuss four twelve step programs--Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Codependents Anonymous (CoDA), Celebrate Recovery, and Al-Anon--and what each one does, who each helps, how each can help you, and how these programs can strengthen your faith in God. Then we'll discuss how addiction and trauma recovery have similarities when it comes to behavior, causes, and relapses, as well as strategies to stay on the path to recovery. Lastly, we'll discover how the steps in these programs can help you cut the roots of trauma and addiction in your life for good. 

Breakdown of Episode
0:00 Intro to the Year
6:22 Introduction to the Topic and When to Get Help
10:47 Four Different Twelve-Step Programs 
36:13 What's the Connection Between Trauma and Addiction?: It's All About Recovery

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